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We are excited to take the next steps towards a sustainable food network, where we are able to build a circular food system. Annies will be a key partner for us as we continue to work closely with local growers, auction places and packhouses in New Zealand.


Annies have agreed to help us embrace imperfection for a less wasteful world by contributing to a new food system by sharing extra and imperfect fruit snacks with us. With this partnership, together we will be saving more fruits and veggies from landfills.


What makes an imperfect fruit bar?

"The cost to make a perfect regular cut fruit bar for a supermarket package is 20% off-cuts in irregular shapes and mixed flavours.”


“We produce fruit bars with only natural imperfect or surplus fruits, nothing more, and these off-cuts are unpreventable but we don't want to waste them. We want Aotearoa families to enjoy the best out the best and Perfectly Imperfect, belief in 'ugly is new tasty'.


Together we are more, more families would enjoy 100% natural fruits whenever they need and at the same time we could save almost 7kg fresh apples with every 1kg of Annies fruit snacks.”

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Annies Fruits Strips 300gm

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • - Gluten Free
    - Nut & Dairy free
    - No Added Preservatives
    - Vegan & Vegetarian 
    - No Added Sugar
    - GMO free
    - Not From Concentrates

  • If you're running fundraising event for our charity, please contact us for more information

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