Pear Tree

About Us

Who We Are

We're social enterprise, who is purpose driven by saving ugly food from waste, and landfills. There're 45% fresh fruits and veggies we don't even get to seen them and get to waste, compost and to landfills, because they're misshaped, too big, too small, too perfect ripen or any cosmetic reasons been rejected by mainstream market. These are perfect eatable and as healthy and provide same nutrients as other prettier counterparts in supermarkets. 

We believe in "There's no perfectionist in food, only TASTY!" Our goal is save these 122,000 tonnes food by identify new value of these ugly tasty goodies, and feed to our people with positive community influence to change how we eat 'Stop eat by our eyes' with the Mystery Box.

Perfectly Imperfect Community is aim to build fair trade market for local growers and New Zealand families, in this community family can afford to bring fresh fruits and vegetables on the table and local growers has no financial struggles to continue grow for everyone next season and even better innovate new ways to reduce food loss and wastes. It's the 'Win Win' community, the perfect out of imperfect existing mainstream market.


Our market standards are, the only standard is 'Imperfect is I'm Perfect'. We accepted any misshaped products, miscoloured, too big, too small, any weirdos that mainstream market rejected. 


"We are IMPERFECT people loved by PERFECT GOD" ROMANS 5:8

At Perfectly Imperfect we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the Perfectly Imperfect experience. For more information, get in touch!