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Pukekohe is small town that only 0.01% size of Auckland, but they produced 26% of total New Zealand vegetables. Durning first week of lockdown in March 2020, local growers have bared huge pressure and stresses. Our primary focus now is proactively working closely with local growers in Pukekohe and nearby areas. 

"The growers are not the one wasted all ugly food, we are! Therefore we need to change how we eat and consume NOW"


We're blessed that have Allan Fong's farm onboard this February. The Fresh Grower provides an award-winning range of flavourful, versatile products that fit the current generation’s lifestyles. They proudly supply all mainstream supermarkets from baby size vegetables to big cauliflowers, at the same time they're facing food loss like other growers in our community due to ridiculous standards as too big, too small and misshaped etc. like the heart shaped beetroots been rejected because they're not so round. We're going to closely working with Allan's team, and to discover more imperfect foods to get back to community. 

Brett's zucchinis farm in Kerikeri, we saved 600kg marrows last year and nothing wrong with these marrow just too big 5kg zucchinis. But they're nice for baking, zucchini noodles etc.

We also have recently discovered Indian Family farms in Aka Aka, they're polyculture production farms.  


Unlike the growing of a single crop on a field during the vegetation season, considered monoculture, a polyculture crop production system implies the growing of multiple crops simultaneously or in a crop rotation.

This farm system is more labor intensive than the monoculture and tends to be more convenient for farm management and beneficial to the soil and environment.

Please spread words to your friends, family and your neighbours, let's bring those back to our table and I'm sure that'll bring smiles back on. 

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