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We have some very exciting news for you!

We are super excited to announce and welcome Annies ( as a new partner with Perfectly Imperfect. At a time where New Zealand families are struggling and are facing hunger, we are proud to partner with the family-oriented organisation to contribute to our fruit and veggie boxes.

You may have noticed a few wee testers in your weekly fruit and veggie boxes, and after your fantastic feedback, we know you are going to be just as excited about this partnership as we are.

Imperfect irregular, mixed flavours fruits leather (Left); Cake made from Rescued oranges from Gisborne, and organic eggs Ollifffarm, top with Annie's fruits leather
Imperfect irregular, mixed flavours fruits leather (Left); Cake made from Rescued oranges from Gisborne, and organic eggs Ollifffarm, top with Annie's fruits leather. Images: Styled and Photographed by Natalie Chan

A little about Annies

Annies is a fantastic fruit snacking option that can be seen throughout all supermarkets and convenience stores across New Zealand. They are owned by Kono, a values-led Māori-owned business based in Te Tauihu (the top of the South Island in New Zealand). The values that underpin Kono align very closely with the values we pride ourselves on at Perfectly Imperfect. Like, Kono, Whanaungatanga (the recognition that together we are more) is a key-value that drives everything we do at Perfectly Imperfect.

Whanaungatanga - the recognition that together we are more

Annies fruit snacks are made with 100% real tangy apples and summer fruits. The recipe has been going strong for over 33 years providing New Zealanders - and the world - with healthy, natural, and delicious fruit snacks. Annies natural fruit snacks are made from real fruit, not fruit concentrates. All fruit snacks are vegan friendly, and are free from gluten, nuts, dairy, and sulphites plus contain no added sugar, preservatives, additives, or synthetic colours. This means they are perfect for everyone in your family!

What makes an imperfect fruit bar?

"The cost to make a perfect regular cut fruit bar for a supermarket package, is 20% off-cuts in irregular shapes and mixed flavours.”

“We produce fruit bars with only natural imperfect or surplus fruits, nothing more, and these off-cuts are unpreventable but we don't want to waste them. We want Aotearoa families to enjoy the best out the best and Perfectly Imperfect, believe in 'ugly is new tasty'.

Together we are more, more families would enjoy 100% natural fruits whenever they need and at the same time we could save almost 7kg fresh apples with every 1kg of Annies fruit snacks.”

Images: Styled and Photographed by Natalie Chan

What this means for us

We are excited to take the next steps towards a sustainable food network, where we are able to build a circular food system. Annies will be a key partner for us as we continue to work closely with local growers, auction places and pack houses in New Zealand.

Annies have agreed to help us embrace imperfection for a less wasteful world by contributing to a new food system by sharing extra and imperfect fruit snacks with us. With this partnership, together we will be saving more fruits and veggies from landfills.

This partnership is something new for us and is seriously delicious. It is made almost entirely with tasty leftovers from within New Zealand. We are proud to announce this partnership as we kick off a new initiative we hope to launch at the end of this year. We can't wait!

Working together, we will have a greater impact on Auckland families and their surrounding communities. So, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting samples making their way into your next fruit and veggie box. Don't forget to give some of their other treats a try next time you do your grocery shopping.

Welcome Onboard Annies!


Perfectly Imperfect Team

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