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Week of 16th August Ugly Mystery Box Content

Mystery box will be randomly fill with these perfectly fine rescued fruits and vegetables:

News: We are going to launch free Saturday pickup in West Auckland, please contact us if you’re interested to sign Up subscription or volunteer 1hr at community stall in Te Puna Market to serve your local community


Potatoes, brown onions , carrots, baby choy sum seedings , parsnips, red Roma tomatoes (too small/ripen)


Green popcorn cherry tomatoes, Avocados, red baby size kumara, kale, brussels sprouts, celery , baby pok choy micro-seedlings, baby choy sum


Apples, NZ Navel Oranges from Gisborne, banana, grapefruit ruby red

Veggies with underline are fresh harvested from field, there'll be dirt on these crops so please take some time to give a good raise, and pull dead looking yellow leaves off spring onions.

Join our Imperfect rescue team and pick up box of imperfect goodies today

Our last order is Wednesday 9am for the SAME week delivery, we don't take any new pick up orders for August as we're planning out to expand our pick up location to other community, so we have lots to plan ahead. Thank you for your understanding.

(These underlined items are not processed, so we'd strongly recommend to wash carefully before consume and sometimes has root attached, so you can re-plant them as well)

Thank You

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