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Week of 14th June Ugly Mystery Box Content

Here's rescue list of items for this week:


Potatoes, brown onions, red onions (too big), carrots, butternut, turnips, fresh red garlic


Red kumara (too small), orange kumara, purple kumara, tomatoes, organic limes, winter melons, turnips, Pineapples, grapes, Choy Sum, green radish


Granny Smith Apples, Royal Gala Apples, Pears, Green & Gold Kiwifruits, Mandarins (too many too sweet), lemons

To subscribe weekly ugly box now to help us to rescue these from waste, we offer delivery to your home, and family that you support as well.

Our last order for the SAME week delivery is Wednesday 9am, thank you.

(These underlined items are not processed, so we'd strongly recommend to wash carefully before consume and sometimes has root attached, so you can re-plant them as well)

We're now offering FREE pick up at Albany Saturday Market


We're now offering FREE pick up at our fundraiser stall at Albany Saturday Market, in Albany Bus Station Car park from 9:00am ~ 11:00am every Saturday with our lovely volunteers

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