There're 20% of total fresh produces are never leave the farm and straight into composts or even worse landfills, because they're not so pretty, too big or too small than other perfect counterparts in supermarket. Those ugly foods are perfect tasty, our food system is Imperfect.

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How Perfectly Imperfect Works
cherry tomatoes

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Sign up to help us on gleaning services in local farms and orchards where need our help to rescue these imperfect tasty goodies


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Pick our designed weekly boxes filled with fruits and vegetables that rescued by our Imperfect Rescue Community. 

Now it's your time to get them cook and feed family and friends healthy meals

 " Farms aren’t tossing perfectly good produce. We are. "

What Makes Food Imperfect

Too Big & Too Small

"wonder how big the pit?" they're tiny wee and not even 5g

Perfect Ripen

"Best moment of our life is perfect ripen, as ugly outside but super delicious, full of nutrient & flavour inside"


"We're wonky buddies has full potential yet been discovered until now you choose us with other Perfectly Imperfect Goodies

sustainable | affordable | tasty | natural

Perfectly Imperfect Community is aim to build fair trade market for local growers and New Zealand families, in this community family can afford to bring fresh fruits and vegetables on the table and local growers has no financial struggles to continue grow for everyone next season and even better innovate new ways to reduce food loss and wastes. It's the 'Win Win' community, the perfect out of imperfect existing mainstream market.

Our market standards are, the only standard is 'Imperfect is the new Perfect'. We accepted any misshaped products, miscoloured, too big, too small, any weirdos that mainstream market rejected. 

It is like a box of chocolates.... And will make me healthier.


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