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Embrace Imperfections, Taste Perfection

Did you know that a staggering 45% of fresh produce never leaves the farm and ends up in compost or landfills? This heartbreaking statistic is due to perfectly edible fruits and vegetables deemed too imperfect by supermarket standards—too big, too small, or simply not pretty enough compared to their flawless counterparts.


Perfectly Imperfect Op Shop, a vibrant initiative supported by One World Charitable Trust. We celebrate uniqueness and sustainability through our seasonal selection of second produces. Our mission is to foster a community that embraces imperfections as beautiful expressions of diversity. Join us in promoting conscious consumption and making a positive impact on both our environment and the local community.


326 families

We are absolutely thrilled to share that in June2024, we were able to support a whopping 326 families with delicious, seasonal produce! By doing so, we not only prevented food waste but also helped to build a stronger, healthier community. It's all thanks your support!

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Charity Op Shops

Perfectly Imperfect Op Shop—a unique space dedicated to embracing imperfections and fostering community.

Get ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables while making a difference! With every $15 donation, you'll support a family in need by providing them with a full box of seasonal produce. Plus, you're welcome to pick some fresh produce for your own family to enjoy.

Come together, give back, and share the goodness of fresh, healthy food!

Caretaker's Cottage

Monday to Friday

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Albert Park, Auckland CBD


Tuesday to Friday

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Unit 53, 36 Peters Way

Silverdale, Auckland

Grey's Ave

Opening soon July 2024

139 Greys Avenue,

Auckland CBD

Our impact


Gleaning Network members in New Zealand


Olympic-size swimming pool​s worth of water saved


meals our community prepared with perfectly good food rescued


kilograms of carbon emission reduced


kilograms of perfectly good food rescued


days of electricity consumption for one household saved

Become an Imperfect Rescue Champion

One World Charitable Trust (CC60406) , home to Perfectly Imperfect is a charity dedicated to bridging the food insecurity gap. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to eat well and feel their best. By providing access to fresh, nutritious food, we're empowering families and fostering healthier communities.

Make a donation

Here's How You Can Help:
Your donation, no matter the size, makes a real difference. Here's how your contribution helps:
Provides fresh fruits and vegetables to families facing food insecurity.
Supports local farmers by sourcing seasonal produce.
Promotes healthy eating habits within our community.


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Our Volunteers Say

"Every day here is a reminder that imperfection can be beautiful and valuable. I'm proud to contribute to such a meaningful cause!"

River , College Student, Op Shop Assistance

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