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We are imperfect gleaners

There was storms last week and many crops damaged in the farms. We rescued some lettuces this week, and didn’t go well due to long transportation.

Packing for fresh vegetables is very important to keep them fresh and slow them to perish during transportation and storage. Our gleaning mystery box is promote minimal package, keep original format of food as possible. That means we pack and deliver on the same day, and our turn around time of food that we rescued from farm and packhouse to your home, is 1-3days with minimal of only 3 transaction stops. Compares to traditional supply chain of food system has at least 19 stages from farm to family.

Sourcing land shop local is not only the key to promoting sustainable food system, also we need to work collaboratively within the ecosystem.

Thank you to our sponsored families in community, providing feedbacks today to our team. We are able to thrive with your help, sorry these Lettuce didn’t make it to you at their best shape to eat. Sadly fresh veggies are perishable products, its has very little time for us to consume and now it’s still good to compost. Lettuces are great source for your compost bin, take only few days to compost completely. If you don’t have place to compost, seeking out new home on or bring back to our garden box at Owairaka Hub.

We are happy that we still able to share much lettuce at Pataka Kai with community this week. share as much we can, make sure good food goes to good place not landfills.

At the end we are Imperfect but we come together can make things better by little everyday. #uglyisnewhope

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