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Mandarins -Satsuma

Breaking News - This week we discovered opportunity to rescue over 1200kg amazing Satsuma mandarins from Gisborne. Please help us to find new home for all of them by end of 31st July.

Mandarins considered symbols of abundance and good fortune, believed to have traditional medicinal properties and famous for their sweet deliciousness, Mandarins are loved world over.

We originated in Japan but are the major export Mandarins grown in New Zealand. We also have name Citrus unshiu (known as mikan in Japan or 溫州蜜柑 in China)

However, we do not specifically originate from Satsuma but were imported into the West Countries through this province in the Meiji era (明治 1868 - 1912).

The name Satsuma (薩摩国) came from the name of the Japanese province where it came from more than 700 years ago, now is part of Kagoshima Prefecture (鹿児島県), Kyushu (九州) where famous of Tonkastu Ramen.

We are considered cold hardy fruits and can withstand major drops in temperature. That's why New Zealand winter is perfect for us and Gisborne is the Heaven of Citrus. We're available through mid April to mid August, mainly export to Japan and UK.

We are great in all kinds of recipes including beverages, cakes, desserts, salads or as a garnish. We make a great sauce to top off chicken or fish because of our intense flavour. The thin skin makes us easy to peel.

We are extremely nutritious because we contain high levels of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your skin and hair, plus it boosts your immune system and prevents you from getting sick.

Most of us only have about 65 calories and are relatively low in sugar, even with our sweet flavour.

Kids love us because we are little, easy to peel and have very few seeds. We are a great addition to kids lunches or an afternoon snack.

We have packed extra mandarins for this week mystery box, if you need more or missed out, don't worry still can pre-order online now, or visit us this Saturday at Albany Market to pick up there.

10kg only $22 and with every 10kg that will help us to donate another 10kg to other food charities, pay here

So far we lined up donation over 500kg to community veggies and fruits stands in Kumeu, Waikokou Valley, Orewa, Torbay, Stanmore Bay, LifeBoat Community Browns Bay, Glen Eden Pataka Kai, Kai Collective Te Awaroa and Everybody Eats in next few days.

Please let us know if there's any community would need these fruits and you'd like to drop off for them.

Alright everyone, I hope you enjoy little bit history about us. Let's see how we bring joy to the world for real.

No Sugar Mandarin Marmalade

We received overwhelming responses from community of Zero Waste in NZ! facebook group about ideas of how to use these ugly mandarins. We have don't like that much sugar, so we gonna go with honey from Ned's Raw Honey . This is very simple recipe only three ingredients and key to success is patiently stirring for 50mins constantly.


  • mandarins 3kg

  • lemon 1 single

  • cinnamon bark - small piece (optional)

  • 2 tablespoons honey, if not sweet enough add more

  1. peeled mandarins, cut in half and pick out seeds if any

2. Cook mix of mandarins and cinnamon bark with low heat, patiently stirring constantly for 50mins more or less, until you see all juice is pretty much gone by now, and texture is like here in image now you can add honey la.

3. Now why wait? It's time to eat la! of course if you'd like to preserve for later then fill in jar, well make sure hot water cleaned and dried water before fill up. Perfect for beef, chicken, fish or anything!


Who Knew 7 Mandarins Could Make You So Happy?!
Candied Citrus Peels - by Zero Waste Chef

Only three ingredients mandarins, water and sugar. You can eat all of these immediately. But they do keep well in a jar. Toss them in sugar first to keep them from sticking. Leave some for next day, they tasted fantastic, like a gumdrop with an intense orange flavour—a real orange flavour derived from actual oranges!


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