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"Different, but no less"

Our non-profit community lead program, volunteer served and collaborated between local charities and organisations, is proud to offer a community pop-up service. We provide fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables at an affordable price of as little as $15 per bag, and everyone is welcome! Join us and help support our local community.

Charity Store

Welcome to Inn-Perfect Store, a charity community space where positivity and good food collide. We are proud to offer a diverse range of products, including fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, dry ingredients, and our exclusive line of certified upcycled items, all under the brand "Perfectly Imperfect."

Step into our doors and experience the warmth of our community pop-ups translated into a physical space. Inn-Perfect Store opens its doors at least four days a week, welcoming everybody who seeks a place of belonging. With five hours of operation daily, we ensure everyone can partake in the experience.

At Inn-Perfect Store, we believe in nourishing both body and soul. Our mission is to provide an environment where everyone can enjoy positive good food with dignity and leave with a sense of hope. Join us in this true haven where the power of food and compassion unite, inspiring individuals to embrace imperfections and find joy in every bite.

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Save us today

Join our gleaning community membership program, and help us to build a strong community together with a more sustainable food system, so that no one is left behind. Not a single yellow banana or funky happy little kiddo

Booking a time

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