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Week of 2nd August Ugly Mystery Box Content

NZ Citrus Season is full on! NZ Navel oranges from Gisborne is our rescue star this week.


Potatoes, brown onions , carrots, poi choy (spray free - some leaves picked by birds)


Green popcorn cherry tomatoes, Avocados, Red tomatoes, red baby size kumara, cauliflowers (too small), kale, parsnips


Apples, NZ grow shoulder season satsuma mandarins, NZ navel oranges from Gisborne

Veggies with underline are fresh harvested from field, there'll be dirt on these crops so please take some time to give a good raise, and pull dead looking yellow leaves off spring onions.

Join our Imperfect rescue team and pick up box of imperfect goodies today

Our last order is Wednesday 9am for the SAME week delivery, we don't take any new pick up orders for August as we're planning out to expand our pick up location to other community, so we have lots to plan ahead. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank You.

(These underlined items are not processed, so we'd strongly recommend to wash carefully before consume and sometimes has root attached, so you can re-plant them as well)

Pick Up:

We're having conversation to extend our service to other community in Auckland, so lots of things need to planning. We're put on hold of any new pick up orders for August, and will update once we're ready to re-launch. We'll still be at Albany Saturday Market from 9:30 -11am and all existing weekly pick up subscription still welcome to pick up, if there's any changes we'll keep you posted in advance.

Thank You


Our fundraiser stall at Albany Saturday Market, in Albany Bus Station Car park from 9:30am ~ 11:00am every Saturday with our lovely volunteers

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