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Week of 27th September Ugly Mystery Box Content

Mystery box will be randomly fill with these perfectly fine rescued fruits and vegetables: micro-green leafy could looks bit yellow-ish, but still fresh editable; spotted apples without stickers; mixed size orange from Gisborne-super juicy.

Nothing in our mystery box are belong to landfill or waste, they all good to eat, if not your standards at least please compost them.


Kotahitanga - Unity through partnership to protect taonga

We're partner with Te Puna market together to offer pick up for families in West Auckland.

Please order from here and there's other amazing products that you can order, pick up at the same time. Please note that medium size of mystery box price is $25 which include $3 support our gleaning network, and $2 that we'll support back to Te Puna market.

We will start delivery on Tuesday, please check out email (normally in your spam mailbox with title from WooDelievery that's our distribution system) for delivery schedule update.

West Auckland -Tuesday & Wednesday

Central Auckland - Wednesday & Thursday

NorthShore - Monday ~Wednesday

lockdown level 3 we are still operating as essential service with no contact delivery only, we have quite lots of food coming to us, thanks for standing with us to save these food from waste.


Potatoes, mixed onions , carrots, parsnips, avocados, red baby size kumara, kale, Kohlrabi, capsicums, lettuces, spinach, pok choy, Gai lan, cauliflowers, broccolis, asparagus


Apples,NZ Navel Oranges, grapefruits and mandarins from Gisborne, Pink Cara Cara navel oranges

Special Treats:

Bad Baker sample cookies (these samples were prepared for food shows and other tasting event that all cancelled due to lockdown, but we'd love to support them and send you all these amazing cookies to tasting at home)

Rescue Sale:

Vitamin C Bag of mixed citrus: NZ jumbo Navel oranges, Richards Special mandarins, and grapefruits from Gisborne, OZ Tangelo only $10 around 3-4kg.

Avocado pack: mixed grade fruits pack of 5, 10 and 20

*There'll be some urgent rescue calls during the week, so don't be surprised if there's anything not on the list showed up in your box.

Veggies with underline are fresh harvested from field, there'll be dirt on these crops so please take some time to give a good raise, and pull dead looking yellow leaves off spring onions. Butternuts are special rescued from Hastings, they has been overstock due to lockdown, there's soft spots but cut those parts off, inside still good to cook. If you have concerned don't feel like it's not meet your standards to eat them, then please compost them. Thank you.

Join our Imperfect rescue team and pick up box of imperfect goodies today

(These underlined items are not processed, so we'd strongly recommend to wash carefully before consume and sometimes has root attached, so you can re-plant them as well)

Thank You

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