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The mystery behind the mystery box

"Sustainable eating is as much about using what’s available locally and what’s in your fridge or pantry already as it is about buying expensive organic food. Best news? Look out for misshapen, boring or older, but still edible, foods to enjoy delicious meals and stretch your grocery spend with these cost-effective ingredients." Sarah Heeringa @Stuff

We're a social enterprise with a goal to make sure no food is left behind on the farm because of silly reasons that they're not the right color, too big or too small, or old season fruits, etc.

We have over 2500 members in our Gleaning Network program, who adopt the new way of living, the #perfectlyimperfect way. Each week almost 200 families in Auckland accepted the challenge to look beyond perfection, cook, and enjoy perfectly good food creatively.

For every 10 mystery boxes, you paid, support 4 families in the community through our paid-it-forward community shops in Auckland.

If you haven't done your grocery shopping yet, try it out, not only because good food tastes the best, but also food for our soul of the giver.

Read more about the article from Stuff here

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