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Service Update

Due to Omicron spreading at the moment, we have to do some changes to make sure our volunteers are safe.

We ask to work with us a little differently as we navigate through this latest period of disruption.

We are waiting on Rapid Antigen Testing to arrive, so far we are working hard to make sure that all our volunteers are safe and Covid free.

This has put some pressure on our picking up team, as more and more people from food system are waiting for test results and self-isolation at the moment. We can sure you this is most important moment that need us to keep gleaning, as left behinds produces will be more everyday. We do need to introduce a new guideline for our mystery box subscription.

This week we have received over 300kg Roma tomatoes, more not-so-pretty broccolis, and loads of Citrus 🍊.

As we can keep to support current families in over 30 postcodes of Auckland, please Support our latest guidelines:

  1. no recycle boxes

  2. no customised box

  3. Restricted Contactless delivery means please state clear about your address if there’s a gate/keypad etc, as this might be increase risk for our volunteer.

  4. normal delivery schedule might impacted, please bear with us and we will do our best to get this work for everyone

I encourage you to get in touch with us if you’re have any questions

Stay Safe and we got this.

Perfectly Imperfect Team

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