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Mystery boxes are on the way

This week we have to shuffle our schedule a bit, by our volunteers has work to promise and make sure all boxes delivered as usual on Thursday.

As reality you'd surprise find mystery box has no tomatoes, cucumbers or sweetcorns in them because they never had arrive on time.

But you'd find new variety and new season apples from Hastings called Sunrise, really crispy and sweet, full of flavour apples.

We are on special gleaning mission of 5000kg beetroots and Japanese turnips from our growers in Pukekohe, that's why you'd find Tiny sweet beets and turnips in the box.

White turnips called Tokoyo Turnips. When we think of turnips, we picture a larger bulb vegetable, mostly white with some purple on the top, and something we roast or steam for an earthy tasting side dish.  Tokyo turnips are different.  They look and taste unlike most of the other 30 varieties of turnips.

Tokyo turnips, or Japanese turnips, are smaller, and all white.  You might even mistake them for a radish.  Though when you bit into them, you’ll notice the milder flavor.

When the Tokyo turnips are cooked, they have a buttery flavor. When raw, they are sweet and crispy.

We wish you enjoy these food, like "box of chocolates " full of surprises. Box itself actually are random chocolate boxes that we repurpose from our business sponsor Bad Bakers, best cookies ever. Because they do good for community on top of their regular cooking making.

Have a lovely weekend 😉 if there's any issue with delivery please contact our gleaning team gleaning@perfectlyimperfect.o

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