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May Ugly Mystery Box Content

Thank you for supporting our mission, our mystery boxes program is 'Pay what you can to help, give what you can to share'.

Every10 mystery box is going to support 4 families who need help with food in our community. At the same time, save over 200,000 L of water resources.

Nothing in our mystery box belongs to landfills or waste, and they are all good to eat. If not your standards, at least please compost them.


#uglyisnewhope We celebrated with over hundreds people on our community shop grand opening day last month, and distributed almost 400kg food to families who needs food in Owairaka community.
Our pay it forward community shop opens every Wednesday to Friday from 2:30 to 5:00pm, and every Friday 'pay it forward and pay what you can' happy hours, can't be missed to opportunities to support famlies in your community.

Our weekly home delivery order cut off time is Sunday (5 pm)

We have a new courier partner Urgent Courier onboarded the Gleaning Network program, and now we are covering the entire urban Auckland region! Farm to Family, save more food and wallet too!

May is transaction month, some crops are shoulder season (oranges, avocadoes) and some are still seedings. Our growers experienced very drought summer so autumn crop yields are quite low. like cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli and vegetables that require lots of water are in shortage this winter.

What's on our rescue mission list: (ps not everything will be available in your mystery box, we'll pack what's available in that week)


Potatoes, mixed onions, kumara, bok choy (spray free), cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, beets, kales, Buttercup squash, butternut, celery, chilli, courgettes, Fennel, Kohlrabi, Swedes, carrots, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, Brussel sprouts, parsnips


NZ Oranges, mandarins and limes from Gisborne, pears, apples and kiwifruits

Rescue Sale:

Bananas: $5/ 2 bunches, these yellow bananas are perfect to eat just not perfect for supermarkets to stock up on their shelves.

Vitamin C Bag of mixed citrus: NZ citrus season is almost finished, with only two varieties in the season for this year.

Avocado pack: fewer fruits now as getting to shoulder season close to winter

*There'll be some urgent rescue calls during the week, so don't be surprised if there's anything not on the list that showed up in your box.

Veggies with underline are freshly harvested from the field. There'll be dirt on these crops, so please take some time to give a good wash and pull dead-looking yellow leaves, offspring onions etc.

Join our Gleaning Network Program, and pick up a box of imperfect goodies today

(These underlined items are not processed, so we'd strongly recommend washing carefully before consuming and sometimes has root attached so that you can re-plant them as well)

Be Perfectly Imperfect and appreciate what we have been given.

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