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Lockdown Update

It's tough day for New Zealand, and we're going to stay put together and we can get this thing right.

We hope this message get to you soon enough and we want to you know that we're essential service, therefore we're still operating during lockdown. However there's some precautions steps we need to take, to be able continue our mission to save these imperfect & surplus food otherwise go to waste.

We're taking extra miles for precautions and active our COVID Food Safety Guide:

Good Hygiene

  • our staffs are aware of the symptoms of COVID-19, and how they can self-isolate if the need arises

  • our staff are supplied with face masks and other required personal protective equipment, and know how to correctly put on, wear, and take off this equipment

  • our food handlers are trained appropriately in food hygiene practices appropriate to their premises

  • hand washing or sanitation (for example, alcohol gels/wipes) to enable food handlers to practice good hygiene

  • food handlers and external contractors are aware that they must report any signs/symptoms of respiratory illness before or during work


  • suspend volunteers drivers in local community immediately;

  • suspend local pick up in the market immediately;

  • contactless delivery to home address only;

  • no return for any reason due to health consideration during lockdown;

  • delivery route and time might change due to less number of staff on the road, we already started delivery today, and will be Central & West Auckland tomorrow. Then NorthShore in the evening.

  • please contact us tonight if you need update your address, any questions, concerns.

You'll receive email once our driver is on his way then another email with photo attached shows you where we leave the mystery box. We're so grateful that we have over 300 members now and this lockdown is gonna be special.

I remembered the first time lockdown the growers in Pukekohe was panic and has no option but dump tonnes of food, because no-body wants them as we all completely shocked. This time we're well prepared and we know what we need to do, so please stay calm and cook on.

Thank You So Much

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