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Important Update on Our Food Rescue Charity Mystery Box Services

We have some important updates to share with our community of friends and families who support our food rescue charity mystery box services. In order to better serve our community and reduce our carbon footprint, we will no longer be providing delivery services to new orders. Instead, we will only be offering pick-up services for all orders.

Why are we discontinuing our delivery services?

We are discontinuing our delivery services due to the significant increase in delivery costs that we have experienced recently. We understand that this may cause some inconvenience for those who rely on our delivery service, but we believe this decision aligns with our commitment to caring for the environment.

What are we doing to increase access to our food rescue services?

To provide more convenient options for our friends and families, we will build up more pop-up shops in various locations and expand our gleaning community network. We believe that by increasing access to our food rescue services, we can better serve our community and reduce food waste.

How can we choose charity over criticism during difficult times?

We believe everyone has a choice in how they respond to challenging situations. Choosing to respond with kindness and patience can make all the difference. We encourage everyone to choose humility and kindness over negativity and criticism during these challenging times.

What can we do to stay hopeful and resilient during tough times?

We recognize the importance of faith in navigating difficult times. Whether you draw strength from your spiritual beliefs, family and friends, or inner resilience, we encourage you to hold fast to things that give you hope and comfort.

What happens to current mystery box families?

We continue to deliver for your families till our retail or pop-up community shops open in your neighbourhood.

We are committed to doing our part to support our community during these challenging times. We believe that we can overcome even the toughest obstacles by working together with kindness, patience, and faith. Thank you for supporting our food rescue charity mystery box services.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our gleaning team at

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1 ความคิดเห็น

Hi there, I really appreciate this initiative and was excited to get my first mystery box. I usually shop carefully at the likes of fruit world. I was a bit disappointed with this first box I have received. While I want to support, I just feel this box is not worth $25, maybe $15. I expected a lot more considering the contents are seconds. Some of the kale went straight in the compost. I will try again next week but if it hasn’t improved I won’t be continuing as I just don’t find it value for money. I would love to keep supporting initiatives like this but think they need to have value to the customer too.

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