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Humble Cabbage Kāpeti

The humble cabbage has been used since 4000 BC, originating in the East.


The first round-headed cabbage appeared in England around the 14th century. It was taken to America by Jacques Cartier on his third voyage from 1541-1542

Cabbage comes in many colours, including green, red, white, and purple. The savoy cabbage has a milder taste than other varieties.


Cabbages are a cool-temperature crop. Anything about 25°C and the plants are likely to bolt to seed. Can handle full sun or partial shade.

6-10 days to germination, matures 90 days from transplant.

Fun Facts

Cabbage can be pickled, fermented (sauerkraut), steamed, stewed, sauteed, braised or eaten raw.

Raw, steaming, or stir-frying preserves nutrients better than other cooking methods.

Russia has the highest annual per capita consumption of cabbage (20kg). Followed by Belgium (4.7kg). Then Netherlands (4kg)

There are those so keen on its health benefits, they know the exact recipe of the pickled cabbage scurvy-conscious Captain Cook stowed in his boats.

"Eat or be flogged" by Captain Cook

About Savoy Cabbage

  • Savoy cabbage is named for the region where it is believed to have originated: the Savoy, which straddles the Alpine regions of Italy and France.

  • Savoy cabbage is also called curly cabbage.

  • Cabbage is a cool-season crop. In regions where it gets neither too hot nor too cold, cabbage will keep in the garden for quite some time.

  • Savoy cabbages are lighter than red or white (coleslaw) cabbages

Stuffed vegan cabbage rolls

These vegan cabbage rolls in tomato sauce are hearty, wholesome, and flavourful. They’re the perfect dish for the cooler months that the whole family can enjoy.

Have them with a side of bread or mashed potatoes, or enjoy them simply on their own. Being freezer friendly, you can make a big patch and enjoy them whenever you don’t feel like cooking.

How to Store Savoy Cabbage

  • Cut cabbage should be stored away from other foods.

  • Store well in a root cellar situation, or in the fridge for 2 weeks.

  • Can be frozen (good flavour) or dried (fair flavour), and does not can well.

Lemony Savoy Cabbage Salad (Without Mayo)

A savoy cabbage salad that's not only delicious and simple to make but has no mayo, instead featuring lemon and Dijon mustard dressing. Ready in 15 minutes and makes for the perfect addition to your sandwiches, and burgers, and is enjoyed as a side salad.

This Savoy cabbage slaw is made with fresh lemon juice, white wine vinegar, garlic, Dijon, and olive oil. It's the perfect complement to the sweeter and milder cabbage variety.

Less is More

You can grow 30 tonnes of cabbage with the same amount of water needed to produce 2kg of beef.

We love food and hate waste, so this recipe is perfect for everyone. Simply throw everything in the batter with cabbages.


Turn your cabbage into this simple and versatile Japanese savoury pancake. Make it your own by topping it with your favourite toppings.

This recipe from LoveFoodHateWaste is just perfect.

You have a wise and big head cabbage in this week's mystery box, you can try one or all of these recipes.

For some of you who receive cauliflower, remember this "Cauliflower is just the cabbage with a university degree"


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