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Delivery Update

Hi, our perfectly imperfect rescue families and friends. Thank you all for your continuing support of our mission.

This week we are short on volunteer hands in the warehouse, so we have split it into two days, and if your box hasn't arrived yet, that'll be this afternoon.

We also received some feedback from yesterday's delivery. There're a few damaged boxes, like squashed pears, mostly. If you have experienced anything like this with our delivery, please get in touch with us with a photo so we can investigate with our courier partner. please email to

Unfortunately, our courier partner Urgent Courier has raised the price starting 1st April, which no longer works with our margin. Because every 10 boxes support four families model, each week, we have to subsidy those 4 families with an extra $2 per family on their courier cost. We are supporting 40 families on our program at the moment. That's $80 per week, which is big money to us.

We're struggling with other business ecosystem changes due to economic inflation, but we're good with redesigning the system where we have issues. So we're going to redesign how we work around mystery boxes, how we deliver.

"I'm ready to give up, so I can give opportunity to try new things" - our founder Wendy Zhou said on RNZ

We're ready to give up on some comfortable ways of doing business because our existence has a purpose. We're here to bring good food to families who need the most. That's everyone. Food brings people in the community together and stronger in both body, mind and soul. We're existing to sustain families in communities, not businesses.

We are kindly asking everyone to think about what you can give up to help you to get on more opportunities to be just good. Good is good enough.

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