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Delivery update

Good morning families and friends in Auckland.

Many of us woke up in shocking wet conditions, lost power, find out motorway and northbound bridge is closed again.

These are not good news and our regular gleaning pick ups are not stop but stuck on the road 🥺

We are grateful for your support to our mission this week, and please bear with us. We need to keep everyone safe specially our friends and partners in food system.

Our donation to Auckland City Mission and community feed community in Mount Roskill all has to postponed. 🥺

Our delivery might postpone until Friday, as our packhouse pick up will get delayed today.

Here's what we have been rescuing:

  • Sweetcorns 🌽

  • Avocados 🥑

  • Cabbages 🥬

  • Apples 🍎

  • Shanghai bok choy 🥬

  • Beetroots 🍅

  • Oranges 🍊

  • Zucchini 🥕

  • Carrots 🥕

  • Onions 🧅

  • Potatoes 🥔

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