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Come & See Review from Community

We're grateful to have over 1000 imperfect rescuers from community every month, and come and see how they feel about these ugly food, are they really 'ugly' that we won't eat them at all? or just supermarket treat us like baby, even baby we like them to play mud.

These fruits and vegetables are imperfect to market standards, as they're too small, too big, or wonky shapes. Sometimes could be cosmetic damaged during harvesting, nothing wrong with food itself and still safety to eat.

Our Imperfect Rescue program provide full food system that accept these imperfect food includes:

  • Gleaning Volunteers, harvest and pick up any imperfect leftovers in local farms, packhouse and wholesales.

  • Volunteers Drivers - delivery to other food charities, and communities.

  • Ambassadors - facilitate events and support local communities

  • Communities - who support our mission by donation or consume Mystery Box

Gleaning offers an opportunity for straightforward environmental and social wins- food waste on farms is reduced and supply of fresh food to those in need is increased.

Come & See what people in community feel, and your feedbacks on these imperfect foods are extremely important to our local growers. Please leave your words for our volunteers, our imperfect goodies, our local growers, and our communities.

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