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Blueberries PYO

Thank you all for joining us on Tuesday 29th December @Blueberries Country for fresh picking your own blueberry 🫐 and fresh fruits ice cream. We're looking forward to our next PYO events (strawberries, apples, peaches, persimmons, avocados and more with you all this summer and save more fresh fruits from landfills to feed our people.

If you missed out, we're strongly encourage you to gathering family and friends to go together and enjoy PYO blueberries there, I 200% sure you'll have fantastic time with people that you love and great memories.

Blueberries Country is the New Zealand's Largest Blueberry Orchard, they have 3 locations in Ngatea, Ohaupo and Otautau. Blueberry Country specialises in providing pick your own berries. Come out and pick your own berries for very reasonable rates during our summer season that generally runs from early December to late February.

Season Start Dates 2020:

Ngatea: Opens Wed 2nd December 2020; 229 Central Road South, Ngatea

Ohaupo: Opens Wed 2nd December 2020; 397 Jary Road, Ohaupo

Otautau: Opening date is yet to be confirmed, but will be late January; 513 Otautau Drummond Road

Everyone is enjoying the trip and we made two groups to visit both Blueberries Country's locations in Ngatea and Ohaupo.

Pick Your Own Entry Fee: At Ngatea Only - $4 for adults (over 12), 5 to 12 $2, under 5 free. Please note, there is no entry fee for Pick Your Own at Ohaupo or Otautau.

Pick your own Blueberries cost $12.50 per kg or $10.50 per kg when you pick over 10kg. They also have a range of blueberry plants for sale for between $15 and $25.


  • Bring your own containers and even better chilly bin to keep those lovely fresh blueberries travel home with you safely and tasty; at Ngatea you can take the bucket with you but still BYO container would be more sustainable.

  • If your schedule is bit tight or not feasible to travel for too long in the car, then Ngatea would be better option as it's 30mins closer to Auckland, if you're from Auckland.

  • Ohaupo has more parking spaces than Ngatea,

  • They open different fields each day, so everyday people could have fresh and nice berries to pick. Still we find fruits are much more and larger when we walk down further the aisle, and alway the case reach out to top of bush or bend down to look up the tree from the bottom, then you'll be surprised (small kids are actually getting the biggest ones)

  • At Ohaupo, the address is the cafe shop if you want to do PYO first, then continue drive for another 1kg ahead and you will see a sign states numbers of filed that open for that day. 1 minute later you'll see cars parking off the road and a blue tent that can't be missed.

  • Their staffs are very nice and helpful


please remember, it is not a free meal. Kindness to only taste few while you picking.

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