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Alert - unpleasant content

Hi Perfectly Imperfect families and friends, as you all know that we have onboard a new courier partner, we asked you to email Wendy, our founder directly to give your feedback. Thank you very much for your encouragement and for helping us through this difficult time.

We have been transparent to you about our pricing since day 1, we have a delivery fee charge separately. Because that's the fact that everything comes with a cost, there's no free deal if there's one then you're the product.

As we mentioned in the previous announcement that Urgent Courier has raised their price and we don't think it's feasible to pass down the cost to our families to raise our delivery fee to $15. Because we have heard from you $13.6 is already too expensive. So we have to figure out an alternative solution.

Urgent Courier has been known as the best value for same-day delivery and we valued their services, but nobody is perfect. Since Christmas, we have received more feedback about the damaged boxes, and we have tried to work with them but have not so much improvement. Another thing that really gets our team exhausted is their invoice statement, constantly overcharging us at least 20% due to their system mistake. Not only take extra hours from our accounting team but also mentally stressed our cash flow for not being enough to pay our growers first.

As Wendy mentioned in her interview with RNZ , delivery is not an optimal sustainable option for this repurposed food to get to everyone's home.

Because of the fact that they are more delicate than other perfect ones, these are like our newborn babies. We can't blame them can not walk by themselves, instead, we carry them in a baby carrier to keep them safe.

It's not about the money you can afford to pay to have such a level of convenience, it's about what's best for these delicate foods.

Eventually, we'll only deliver our boxes to you if that's the only last option. It's not about the money you can afford to pay to have such a level of convenience, it's about what's best for these delicate foods.

Therefore, we're actively seeking our own premises in your neighbourhood. If you or your company has a place to support our mahi, please contact our founder

If your referral succeeds, we are offering you one-year free membership of the Gleaning Network Program (Value of $59), have access to the Flag Shops that members only plus 4 compulsory seasonal boxes. Nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, please keep in mind that we don't have a customer service team for you because you're not our customers. We see you as family and friends and we're always here for you, but also we need you to be there for us as well when we don't respond to your email in 30mins, or after 5 pm and at weekends, don't make a fuss. If you'd like to speak out, speak from the fact with integrity.

Food is the customer we serve, we serve their needs and we try to listen to them. Because we need good food to rescue us from this unbelievably low status of life.

We thank you for your kindness, I know the journey of being #perfectlyimperfect is unpleasant and difficult in past three years. We're grateful to have all 3,658 families and friends continuing to believe in and support us. Keep up what you all doing each day, we love you very much.

Doubt your doubts, choose to believe.

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