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How this works

It's time to discover some new tastes.

90% of Perfectly Imperfect Goodies are exclusive to us, because only here they can find their true potential. We would love you and your family to find true happiness here at Perfectly Imperfect, spending less money but getting more time with family to cook together and enjoy delicious meals.


1. Sign Up

Fabulous! Sign up for free to join the Imperfect Rescue Community, to save more food from waste on our local farms. 

In the Imperfect Rescue Community, we join forces to do gleaning services in our local farms/orchards and collect this food to redistribute to other charities to feed more people.

Gleaning Services is one of our key actions to reduce food waste and food loss as on average at least 20% of total fresh produce is never harvested and in some cases COVID has pushed this number to 100%.


2. Pick Your Weekly Box

Fruits and vegetables are gifts of Mother Earth, they're authentic  and perfect as they are. Less cosmetic beauty is the more natural way.

Less judgement on their appearance, and more focus on the way they taste is the only way to save them from waste. 

We strongly recommend you select our weekly box, that way we can save even more fruits and veggies that local growers. We're happy to know your preferences and will try to utilise our stocks to give you and your family the best selection of produce.


3. UGLY is the NEW TASTY

Now sit back and get ready to cook some delicious meals with family and people you love. 

The last order for the same week delivery is Wednesday 9am, any order after this time will be delivered the following week. This gives our local growers time to sort things at their end and also lets us plan the time of our volunteers to help with the packing and deliveries. 

Everyone who signs up will receive a weekly newsletter with our special recipe for the week, In & Out this week, plus exclusive news and events.

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