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Ugly is the new tasty

A staggering 45% of fresh produce never leaves the farm and goes straight into compost or, even worse, landfills. And this scary statistic is just because this perfectly edible produce is not so pretty, or too big or too small when compared to other perfect counterparts in the supermarket. These "ugly" foods are perfectly tasty, it is our food system that is imperfect.


Perfectly Imperfect is a social enterprise and we believe that there is no such thing as perfect food, only tasty food. Our goal is to save the 122,000 tonnes of food going to waste each year in NZ by bringing new value to these "ugly" goodies. Our Mystery Boxes allow you to enjoy some of this rescued food yourself, while also supporting our initiatives to get this food to those that really need it. Sounds perfect? We think so too.

Our impact


Gleaning Network members in New Zealand


Olympic-size swimming pool​s worth of water saved


meals our community prepared with perfectly good food rescued


kilograms of carbon emission reduced


kilograms of perfectly good food rescued


days of electricity consumption for one household saved